We made a caplet for dance performance.

Final Project for Wearables by Lauren Busser and Linnette Martinez

Final Video


The original idea was to be inclusive to the hard of hearing, however since we were not able to consult someone with this condition, we decided to make it more personal to ourselves. Linnette has some background in social and freestyle dances, so she mentioned the possibility of having reactive LEDs based on input from the dancer. This would provide the freedom of controlling the lights sequence as an extension of the dance moves created, another form of expression. …

My final product is pretty cool and I am looking forward to diving deeper into other projects.

We’ve come to the end of the motion design assignment and I am very happy with my final work. It was a chance to dive deep into After Effects and really analyze speech and rhetoric, which I have really enjoyed.

Complete Process

Going into the final week I made a lot of final adjustments. I punched up several words to try to emphasize them a bit. A few of the techniques I employed.


I subtly scaled a few words up and down in an attempt…

How do I make it more dramatic, and punch up the emotion?

After getting some feedback last week I decided to break my motion design scene into separate compositions.

Last week I discovered that I could copy and past layers into another composition and then I could add the audio to make editing easier as long as I muted it in the main composition. (Thanks, Tina Solo!) This took my main timeline from some 90 layers down to 20, including the audio and the background color changes.

New and improved After Effects timeline with the compositions grouped together.

This is much easier to manage and has proven better for my focus…

sand colored letters on a purple background read: “out of a plane at 15,000” feet.
sand colored letters on a purple background read: “out of a plane at 15,000” feet.
Screencapture of current draft provided by the author

This week I learned that my timeline skills have translated nicely.

After creating a storyboard for Wayhaught (Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught)’s first kiss I got started in After Effects working with the jpegs from my storyboard on a timeline.

My previous editing experience includes a lot of video editing where I was both editing and in charge of a production process. I’ve seen where things can hiccup a project like this, and so a lot of my thinking going in was about how to curb those potential pitfalls.

The Animatic

I spent my time in class animating my storyboard.

My original…

I’ve been into talking dogs (and animals) since I was a child. It wasn’t until I became an adult and adopted a dog that I started to realize exactly how hard it can be to tell what your animal is feeling.

Thinking about that is how I went into this week’s assignment. Drawing inspiration from Christina Hunger’s work with her dog Stella I thought about how we might create an interface that would allow our animals to better interact with us.

Christina Hunger and Stella

Christina Hunger is a speech-language pathologist who is teaching her three-year-old dog to talk to her with a series…

Thinking about music visualization in wearables for performance.

By Lauren Busser and Linnette Martinez


For the final project, we have decided to work with the wearables for music and performance. When we started thinking about how to approach this we began by talking about how we might design a music wearable for a deaf and hard of hearing audience. We started to think about how the deaf might experience a live performance with sound as a trigger.

We knew of a few ways that the world was seeking to improve the experience at live performances. One was Amber Galloway Gallego…

Screencapture from Wynonna Earp.

When trying to source a one-minute clip for our type in motion assignment my mind went to one place: television. I’ve been a writer and editor at Tell-Tale TV for the last five years and I have spent a lot of time looking at television shows and how scenes are constructed.

My previous beats have included Blindspot, Killing Eve, The Crown, Resident Alien, and Good Girls. I had been looking at the art of the title sequence for years, and have been dying to play with an assignment like this.

One show that I am absolutely obsessed with at the…

Photo by Francesco Casalino on Unsplash

Our assignment this week was to make a soft switch using e-textile materials. I had some experience with conductive thread and forming circuits with LED sequins via my creative coding final and went into this project thinking about other applications for LEDs and meaningful feedback.

Looking back, I didn’t take nearly as many progress photos of this assignment as I have in the past.

I did work with Linnette Martinez on this project, and this is her post.


After talking with Linnette Martinez in a breakout room during last week’s class we landed on a few ideas for our soft…

In the final week of this project, I made some more small tweaks and realized a few fatal flaws in my planning process of managing this entire project.


The poster doesn’t look that different from last week. I made some small alignment adjustments and played with my linework a little bit more to get it looking a little bit more polished.

I am happy with the overall look of how this turned out and I am glad that I worked with a complex grid to experiment with my ideas. …

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

After getting most of my content loaded into the templates last week, a lot of my work this week was tiny changes.

This week my work focused mostly on adjusting and refining the ideas I had put forth last week. Instead of a black and white composition, I’ve moved forward with some shades of gray and blue and orange spot colors for contrast.

I am not entirely sure about the overarching color palette overall and think the colors may need to be tweaked, but I like the overall effect and contrast so I decided to move forward with those for…

Lauren Busser

Grad Student at NYU Tandon. Associate Editor for Tell-Tale TV. Pop Culture enthusiast. Writer with a dog. Knits.

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