More Part 1: Ideation

In trying to solidify our project a little more we started to look at assets we may want to include and a general look and feel.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

In moving forward with the macro project, Linnette and I thought about leaning more towards an experience. I’ve been drawn to this idea of identity and the intersections of our identity with pop culture.

Linnette was at a conference over the weekend and most of our planning happened over text messaging as we tried to nail our general concept.

I went back to my media theory final which was a post-humanistic take on what data a program may have to make an afterlife for me if they only have my data from my phone.

Linnette and I were thinking about taking a church and turning it into a dreamscape. Since we both have a Catholic background we thought this felt like an appropriate place to stage our environment.

We also thought it would be curious to see how we could bend the church to our will adding more personal touches with artifacts that are significant to both of us. We also thought of ways we could embed ephemeral parts of our lives into the experience so that we can truly take this place and turn it into a dreamscape.

I started looking through the Unity Store and SketchFab to try and find assets we can place into this environment. Since a large part of this was about identity, I started to think about the things that would represent me in this environment.

Some of the things I came up with included:

  • A writing desk
  • Knitting
  • The Tardis from Doctor Who
  • Lavender
  • A Bookshelf

But where I found a lot more ephemera was thinking about media I’ve consumed and that’s where sound design comes in. In my Media Theory final, I sampled some of my most played music to make the background track and then the other clips over it added more verbiage and snippets.

I’ve begun thinking about some songs I would like to allude to as well as some scenes from TV shows. Some shows that I have liked that I would include snippets of include:

  • Doctor Who
  • Wynonna Earp
  • Battlestar Galactica

In thinking about how we would build this together, I started looking into Unity Cloud Build. I proposed it to Linnette wondering if she had any experience with the software and we are going to look into it.



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Lauren Busser, M.S.

TV. Books. Navigating burnout. Holds an M.S. from NYU in Integrated Digital Media.